SCASS Members


The mission of the Southern Association of Science Specialists shall be to:
(1) promote the professional competence, status, recognition, and support of science education leaders, specialists, and supervisors
(2) further public support of science education and improvements in its scientific content and use of effective pedagogical strategies
(3) support excellence in science education, especially at the K-12 levels
(4) encourage the scientific and technological literacy among the general population.


The Southern California Association of Science Specialists shall have as its objectives the following:
(1) develop and maintain a viable leadership network to share professional resource materials, programs, and strategies, to discuss and act upon common issues and current topics of concern, and to provide peer support for those serving in science leadership and/or supervisory roles
(2) identify and support the development of effective leadership and supervisory practices
(3) offer additional professional opportunities to develop leadership skills, strategies, and expertise
(4) foster the development of curricular materials that promote teacher effectiveness, the enrichment of learning opportunities for all students, educational and scientific excellence, and ultimately foster a scientifically literate citizenry
(5) sponsor and facilitate programs and organizations that foster student and teacher learning opportunities (e.g. Science Olympiad).